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CuraScents™  “Me” Blend

1 fl. oz.


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CuraScents™  “Me” Blend is a natural curative fragrance with botanical balance and extraordinary force.


All people have an olfactory system. CuraScents™ powerfully stimulates this system creating the opportunity to deeply experience your personal scent, and explore the exciting role it can play in daily wellness.

Developing CuraScents™ has been a personal passion during the last three years, and is an extension of my journey.   

A few things to know about using CuraScents™:


Before each spray, gently shake your bottle.


Spray CuraScents™ into the air, allowing the misted scent to fall on and all around you.


The scent will linger and unfold overtime.


Please see your bottle's label for more information.

CuraScents™ ‘Me” blend is made in extremely limited quantities using only the highest grade essential oils, 

and is available exclusively at

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